Tian Di - Bamboo Sticks Massage

Chinese, Indonesian, and Japanese festivals, rituals, and myths abound with bamboo symbolizing life energy, prosperity, longevity, sexuality, and fertility. In China, stalks of bamboo still symbolize eternal youth, strength, prosperity, and peace.

What may seem like a new technique, bamboo massage, has ancient roots and perhaps deeper associations than simply bodywork.
Bamboo massage is a technique that incorporates bamboo stalks of varying lengths and diameters to provide deep-tissue work. Some practitioners combine elements of shiatsu, traditional Chinese medicine, Thai massage, lymphatic drainage, and even Ayurveda into the technique, and sticks are sometimes heated or essential oils are incorporated into the massage. The massage itself promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage and provides a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.

Part of what makes bamboo hard and straight, yet flexible and light, is that its outer cell walls are covered with silica. This creates a crystalline-like matrix, much like that of a quartz crystal or our own connective tissue. Some practitioners believe that releasing tension or fascial adhesion held within this matrix can help restore and re-balance the body’s electromagnetic field.

The rolling and kneading of the bamboo sticks stimulates and heats the body, thereby dissipating accumulated toxins. The enhanced circulation moving through the body, heart and lungs also helps to remove stagnant toxins.
Similarly it improves lymphatic drainage and the removal of excess fluids.
Stubborn muscle pain and tension melt away with Bamboo Massage.

Sessions of 75' – 90'

The use of warm steamed herbal compresses can be integrated in the chosen treatment.

During massage (Oil-istic, Bamboo Sticks, Thai, Rejuvance) the use of Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy is totally free, otherwise single sessions of 20' each can be booked.

Disclaimer: None of the services offered are meant to be a substitute for diagnosis, treatment or care from a licensed medical physician. I do not heal, cure, prevent or treat disease. I help facilitate the correction of energetic imbalances in the energy field to encourage the body’s own automatic healing response. I do not make any promises or guarantees about the result of my work or my energy sessions.

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